Nursing Homes in Michigan

Based in Southfield, Michigan, Ciena Healthcare has managed skilled nursing homes and rehabilitation Centers since 1998.  Ciena’s seasoned leadership team, many of whom are recognized as leaders in our industry, provide our Nursing Homes in Michigan with clinical, operational, regulatory and financial management and expertise. Ciena Healthcare is striving to change the perception of nursing homes care service by providing our patients and residents with high quality of care in home-like environments with amenities and hospitality.

Ciena Vision Statement

At Ciena Nursing Homes in Michigan, it is our honor to serve our residents that are in need of long-term care and short-term rehabilitative services.  It is our vision to be the industry leader by offering new perspectives and innovations and adhering to quality standards that not only exceed regulatory compliance but also achieve excellence.

Ciena Guiding Principles

Care, Excellence and Commitment

Care.  We have been entrusted with caring for our patients and residents and they deserve our personal best every day.  Caring goes beyond a job description and requires a passion to serve.

Excellence.  We define excellence as going beyond expectations.  Achieving excellence in caring for our patients and residents is our collective and personal objective.

Commitment.  We are committed to investing in our employees and Centers to continually improve the quality and means of providing care to our patients and residents.