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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring has been proven to reduce preventable hospitalization by up to 20%. Clinical efficiency can be improved by up to 30% through early detection.

How It Works

Ciena installs a remote patient monitoring device placed within a detectable range of each resident, most often in an area close to the bed. Through radar technology, the device can provide care surveillance, such as breathing patterns, which are specific to each person. Through our sophisticated algorithms, nurses review each resident's clinical patterns.

  •   Sensor monitors residents 24/7
  •   Nurses analyze each resident's health data daily
  •   Personalized alerts are created
  •   Alerts and recommendations go to staff via app, email, fax, or call 

Why Remote Patient Monitoring?

Our residents' well-being is our top priority, and we're committed to ensuring your loved one receives the highest standard of care and comfort. We offer remote resident monitoring to:

  • Enhance and supplement the care residents receive onsite
  • Provide proactive, quality healthcare monitoring to improve clinical outcomes
  • Offer residents and their family members peace of mind through an added level of care and support

ACP Logo

Circadia is a team of engineers, scientists, and physicians building the future of medical technology. Their mission is to build tools that save the risk and cost of health amongst the population groups where it matters most.

*Ciena has partnered with Circadia to provide Remote Patient Monitoring services.
Remote Patient Monitoring may not be available in all facilities.

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Remote Patient Monitoring